Rockstar Frame

Founded in 2012 by Max Klein, Rockstar Frame has already won several contests, played numerous gigs and received support from media in native Italy.

Even though their musical roots go back to heavy metal, hard rock and even classical music, Their sound was defined as “New Guns N Roses with killer female vocals!”.

Their talent is undeniable:

Faith Blurry recorded vocals for her first commercial which was broadcasted on national TV in Italy when she was 6, Ace Wave holds a summa cum laude degree in classical piano from the Academy of Music, Andy Di Bella is finishing up his electric bass studies at the Academy as well, Max Klein and Morris Steel have been professional session musicians for the past ten years.

Unique talents,

skilled musicians and friends.

They present a blend of hard rock with classical influences, their songs get stuck into your head.

Faith Blurry’s voice is aggressive, powerful and delicate at the same time. As a local magazine in Italy defined them: “Their technique, the way they master the stage together with their catchy melodies create a show which can be easily compared to the most famous rock bands!!! They’ll definitely make a name for themselves!”

Their debut album Rock N Roll Mafia will be released in Spring 2015 via Musicarchy Media.



MORRIS STEEL – guitars

ACE WAVE – keyboards


MAX KLEIN – drums