Light and darkness, two sides of the same coin. And it is the same for our music, where these two worlds continuously meet and clash. As the day could not exist without the night, even our music wouldn't have meaning without one of these two elements and neither of them is secondary to the other.



Our path as Misteyes started in 2012 with a five-member line-up, with which, the year after, we released our first single "Brains In A Vat", characterized by a melodic death/black sound.

In 2014 our sound started having a profound evolution, from this we had the need to involve a female vocalist and a keyboard player in the project. With this new seven-member line-up, we released our demo "Lady Loneliness", a first glimpse of our new path characterized by duality and contrast.

In 2015 our musical evolution came to a fundamental point and we decided to sum up all this with a full-length album. It was a long and complex job, that kept us busy, not only to compose, arrange and record an entire album, but it was also a revolution within the image of the band and the visual aspect of our shows.


Edoardo “Irmin” Iacono (Scream/Growl Vocals)

Denise “Ainwen” Manzi (Clean/Opera Vocals)

Daniele “Insanus” Poveromo (Guitars)

Danny "Xander" (Guitars)

Gabriele “Hyde” Gilodi (Keyboards and Orchestrations)

Andrea “Hephaestus” Gammeri (Bass and Fretless Bass)

Marco "Dreki" Turco (Drums)