Hell's Crows

Hell's Crows is an Italian metal band with heavy and power/progressive influences, founded in 2006 by its singer and guitarist Randy Rush.

The band's music genre can't be defined in just a word: its metal vibes draw inspiration from their classical origins even though they constantly evolve, almost embracing nu-metal when playing live, empowered by a melodic, yet scathing voice.

2017 saw the completion of the newest work's mixing and mastering: "Hell's Crows", the band's first full length album, is brought to life, containing 11 tracks purely heavy/power- prog metal, with gothic and ethereal sounds; a mix of technical focus and sound mood assisted by electronic synths and classical metal riffs.


- Quiet Before Tempest / Self-produced Demo-tape / 2008

- Screaming Dead / Self-produced Ep / 2010

- Hell’s Crows / Full length album by Valery Records / 2017

- Back To The Future demo version on Italian Assault Part II. Compilation by “Metal Brigade Old School Radio”

The new album "Hell’s Crows” is out now by Valery Records, it’s distributed by Audioglobe and it’s available on Itunes. The promotion and the press office is managed by V-Promotion (www.v-promotion.com).


Randy Rush - Vocal/Guitar

Yuri Fetisov - Lead Guitar

Alan Johns - Bass

Johnny Pezzola - Drums