Made up by musicians coming from different cities of north-east Italy(Vicenza, Venice,

Padua), the band was established in early 2011 thanks to a former idea by Anna Holtz

(lead vocals piano and orchestras scoring ), Matteo Frigo (drums) (V.O.I.D. , Eliseum) and

Mega (bass guitar) ( Metastasi). Giorgio Orani (V.O.I.D) joins in at the guitar afterwards,

but he is soon to leave and go for a different sound and mood , more oriented to gothic.

The new guitarist ,Mauro Tiozzo (lead and rhytmn guitar) who enters the band with his

friend Enrico BaĆ¹ (Absenthia) at the keyboards, is the last step for a real kickstart .

The next year (2013) the demo single "Nothing Lasts Forever/Shipwreck" released and

produced by the band also increases live performances. In 2014 as Enrico decides to leave

for persomnal reasons, cooperation with Mattia Vanzetto (Orchestras Sampling) besides

is strengthened and all different musical influences of different members (Power, Thrash

Gothic , Death Melodic Metal, Hard Rock,Movie Soundrack/OST, Opera ) start to blend

and merge encouraging the songwriting.

By Fall 2015 a full lenght tracklist is ready and in Spring 2016 the band enter the studio.



Anna Holtz: Vocals & Piano

Mega: Bass Guitar

Matteo Frigo: Drums

Mauro Tiozzo: Guitars


Studio partnership:

Mattia Vanzetto: Orchestras Sampling