Deathless Legacy

Deathless Legacy is an italian horror metal band.


Founded in 2006, they start their carreer as the italian Death SS tribute band, and their name was just Deathless. This name was given to them directly by the hand of the great Master, Steve Sylvester and that was a great honour. Year after year the will to propose their own songs grew up and in 2013 they decided to propose just their own music, offering a show enriched by a very strong theatrical part.


They became the actual Deathless Legacy, a name that respect their past and open their future craft.

In november 2013 Deathless Legacy signed with the german Danse Macabre Records label and they released their debut album “Rise From The Grave”, on 3rd January 2014.

At the end of 2014 keyborder Alex van den Eden aka Alessio Lucatti (Vision Divine, Angra) joins the Legacy. The band has started to compose some odd, creepy, for the next upcoming album.

In May 2015 Deathless Legacy win the Italian Wacken Metal Battle and, on August 30th they play on the most important stage of the metal scene: the Wacken Open Air one.


Steva - Vocals and Performances

Frater Orion (The Necromancer) - Drums and scenographies

Alex van Eden (Alessio Lucatti) - Organ and keyboards

Sgt. Bones - Guitar

C-AG1318 (The Cyborg) - Bass and vocals

Anfitrite - Performances