Closer are an Italian alternative metal band from Verona, formed in 2011 and, since september 2015, under the english label Broken Road Records LTD. The band consists of lead vocalist Simone Rossetto, lead guitarist Andrea Bonomo, backing vocalist and guitarist Nicola Salvaro, bassist Manuel "Bomber" Stoppele and drummer Danilo di Michele.


On 11th Septembre 2015, the band has released the full album "My Last Day" and two singles, “Everytime I Close My Eyes” and “My Last Day”.


The second album, "Event Horizon", will be released in november 2017 and the videoclip with the first single "Battle Within" is already available online.




Simone Rossetto (singer)

Andrea Bonomo (main guitar)

Nicola Salvaro (lead guitar)

Manuel "Bomber" Stoppele (bass guitar)

Danilo di Michele (drums)