Animae Silentes

Come from an idea of dark and melodic sounds of both Alessandro Ramon Sonato, voice of Chrome Steel (Judas Priest Tribute) and Bad Sisters, ex Hollow Haze, Crying Steel and of Tomas Valentini, bass player of the italian band Skanners ", ANIMAE SILENTES takes shape in June 2015 with the guitars of Giovanni Scardoni (Chrome Steel, ex Ground Control) and Riccardo Menini (Dirty Fingers).

After a long hunting, the band calls behind the drums Cristian Bonamini (Alcstones, Romero).

Ready to kick out the first dark/goth metal album SUFFOCATED with heavy and overwhelming sounds and mystic atmospheres.



Rock Ramon : voice

Tomas Valentini: Bass guitar

Riccardo Menini: Guitar

Giovanni Scardoni: Guitar

Cristian Bonamini: Drum