Norhod are a Symphonic Metal band born in 2009, with Michele Tolomei (keyboards), Giacomo Casa (growl), Giacomo Vannucci (guitars) and Andrea Stefani (guitars).

Finally in 2011 Francesco Aytano (drums), Matteo Giusti (bass) and Clara Ceccarelli (vocals) completed the lineup and Norhod in March 2012 released their first EP completely self-produced: "Arianrhod".


Ended up the writing process of their first full-lenght they signed with WormHole Death and released "The Blazing Lily" in September 2013 (recorded at RealSuond Studio and mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnovox Studios).


In 2015 Norhod recorded their second album at Mathlab Studio and chose Christian Donaldson (The Grid Studio) for mixing and mastering. Meanwhile Federico Masi became their new drummer.

"Voices From The Ocean" will be released in January 2016 via WormHole Death.


Clara Ceccarelli - Vocals

Giacomo "Jev" Casa - Growl

Giacomo Vannucci - Guitars

Andrea "Bistru" Stefani - Guitars

Michele Tolomei - Keyboards

Matteo Giusti - Bass

Federico Masi - Drums